AJA Vietnam is the official branch of AJA Europe in Vietnam which was established and operated in 2019 with the desire to become the most prestigious foreign certification body with the fastest development speed in Vietnam


“We add value to our customers by helping them to manage their risks and optimise their performance.”

AJA Europe provides services, which are independent of each other and completely distinct from any other activity to ensure impartiality. We invest in the specific skills and professionalism of our staff, by constantly training them, and informing them on the confidentiality and responsibility they have towards our customers.


“Independence, Transparency, Impartiality, Competence, Integrity, and Honesty”

These are our values ​​and the tools we use to help our customers develop their businesses, enabling them to improve their performance and their corporate image


AJA Europe, a certification body in United Kingdom, officially was established in 1995 and accredited by famous accreditation bodies in the world: UKAS (United Kingdom), Accredia (Italy), SAC (Singapore). These accreditation bodies are members of the IAF – International Accreditation Forum.

AJA Europe provides a complete range of services in the areas of conformity assessments, technical assistance and certification with high technical content, which provide diversified solutions according to the needs of companies, international groups, and institutions of all sizes.

The Group presents in all the main countries of the world with more than 40 offices and over 70,000 clients processed. See more information at:  www.ajaeurope.eu

AJA Vietnam is the Vietnam-based branch of AJA Europe, established in 2019 under a license issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment. AJA Vietnam is licensed for providing conformity assessment service by the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality (the governmental body under the Ministry of Science and Technology).


AJA Europe Group is an organization present in numerous countries all over the world, which holds numerous accreditations and / or awards through companies related to it. It operates through a network of local offices subject to management and coordination by the Group itself. The local offices are tasked with the assessment and the ownership […]

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